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Clothing brands beware: enticing sale advertising may lure in lawsuits

By Staci Jennifer Riordan and Irene Tatevosyan The problem Late last year, two national clothing retailers were hit with false advertising class action lawsuits in California in connection with window signage, even though the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lacks specific regulations detailing what fine print is required in advertising sales. The GAP, in Etman, et […]

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April Fooled?

Hej y’all! It has been a busy first quarter of 2015 over here – as you may have seen on Facebook, there was some international travel, some favorable rulings, the Fashion Law Project’s 2015 symposium, “Sketch Goes Tech: the Intersection of Fashion and Big Data” and a whole lot of Dance Mom work for me (yup, […]

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Fashion Law 101: Gratitude

Wikipedia defines “Gratitude” as a positive emotion or attitude, usually of thankfulness, or appreciation, in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. Why am I reading this on a blog about Fashion Law? Because none of us can operate a fashion company, or any business for that matter, alone. We all […]

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Fashion Law 101: How To Become A Fashion Lawyer

For those of you who know me, you know I went to law school determined to be a fashion lawyer.  I also hoped that Fashion Law would eventually become taught in law schools coast to coast.  I never imagined that I would be one of those professors, and the field would become so well regarded […]

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Fashion Law 101: A Fresh Start

All successful entrepreneurs know that sometimes, you need to wipe the slate clean.  They have learned that fear of the unknown is much better than extending the agony of an unsuccessful venture. In fashion, you see this manifest when a designer gets too attached to a style (or worse, a warehouse of styles). In law, […]

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Fashion Law – it’s an International #Movement

Happy all saints day everyone!  Guess where I am going?     Yup you guessed it….RIO!  (Was the picture a good hint?) On November 30, 2012, Fashion Law 2012 Brazil will take place in Rio and the event organizers have invited me to participate in the conference.  Pretty cool, right? So, for all you international […]

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