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Archive | December, 2009

Bend it Like Victoria Beckham: Celebrity Companies Can Succeed

WWD published a full page report on Victoria Beckham, highlighting her dress, denim and eyewear collections.  As author, Rosemarie Feitelberg succinctly noted, celebrities who solely rely on their names to build brands, quickly fail.  But, Beckham will succeed.  I agree for the following reasons: First, Victoria Beckham is a style icon.  “The moment she wears a product of […]

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What’s Up! Lessons not to learn from Disney

My mom got the kids “Up” for Channuka.  What a terrible message. If you haven’t seen it, two cute little kids meet and become friends over a shared love of exploring the world.  They grow up, get married and dream of living next to a waterfall in South America.  What happens?  They never get around to going.  They give the […]

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