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What Pitbull’s Determination Teaches Your Fashion Brand

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In fashion, mood boards are common to help define a line or a season.  For me, I draw inspiration from music and see many parallels between music artists and fashion companies.  Take Pitbull for example. 

The son of Cuban immigrants, Pitbull had a challenging childhood in America.  Today, he is a multi-national brand.  Not only is Pitbull a Grammy nominated artist, but he hosts his own TV show, endorses Kodak and Dr. Pepper and co-found Bad Boy Latino with Sean Combs.

So how did he do it?

He started out in his target market – Miami rap – in first in English and then in Spanish.  Pitbull successful grew his fan base by partnering up with other artists that helped him expanded his audience, such as the Reggaton phenomenon Daddy Yankee [another great example of cross-marketing success!],  T-Pain, Akon, Lil’ John and Jennifer Lopez’s in her latest hit single, On the Floor [Video].  And he made me fall in love with the Euro Dance sensation “We Don’t Speak Americano,” with his version Bon, Bon.

So how can you emulate Pitbull’s success?

  • Build your core fan base first;
  • Grow your brand by looking by looking for complimentary channels of distribution or similar target market demographics.  This first step must be a logical extension and not exclude your core supporters;
  • Promote and market your Fashion Brand in any way that touches your target customer’s life;  remember not to overlook using marketing funds to support your licensees;
  • Have courage and be creative so your future joint ventures are with unique and unexpected partners (like Lady Gaga and Polaroid); and finally
  • While you may not have Pitbull’s voice, bring your own finesse, personality and passion to your product.

Now remember, “It’s not how you start. It’s how you finish it.”



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  1. Great writeup Staci and I agree with everything you say and stress that a lot. I love reading your blog!

    Sharing this.


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