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Are You Ready to Win? Nicki Minaj and Rihanna Show Us How

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Y’all know how strongly I believe Fashion and Music are connected.  Like fashion, music helps us express ourselves and provides with creative inspiration as well as motivation. 

I know what a struggle these last few days of Holiday shipping can be and understand the stress and pressure you are under.  Keep pushing….you are almost there.  Keep your eyes on your dream and keep it moving.    You have taken the  right steps and you are making your dreams a reality.  You are ready for it. 

So I hope this eighth single from Nicki Minaj, featuring Rihanna, moves you as much as it moved me when I heard it on the radio last night for the first time. 

 I came to win, to surive, to propser and to rise.  

How about you?



and because I like the words of this song SO much, here is a video of the song with just the words:


I know you’re “Ready For it.”



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