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What Your Brand Can Learn From My Club Med Ixtapa Vacation

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My family and I just return from a Club Med vacation in Ixtapa, Mexico [facebook pics]. We are huge fans of the resort, and the company.

Club Med is a successfully international brand because it has shown an uncanny ability to change with the times and stay relevant, without losing its identity or true essence.  By hiring talented people (GO’s) who provide guests with an outstanding experience, Club Med creates raving fans who then share tales of their vacations with others.

Statistics show that the number one place people currently spend their disposal income is on vacation travel. It has also embraced social media to interact with its guests once they return home. Club Med has a facebook page, twitter feed and You Tube Channel just to name a few. You also can download its “crazy signs” songs on itunes or Amazon – WOW!

[And as an aside, whoever runs the Club Med twitter is doing a great job!] 

So, enough about Club Med and my vacation — what is  in this for you?

If you want to build a lifestyle brand, your company needs to take a page from Club Med’s play book.  Can you answer these questions:

  • Are you connected with your target market?
  • What are you doing to adapt your services as the needs of your target market changes?
  • How are you going to diversify and make your company recognizable beyond your intial target market?
  • How are you going to be more than just a provider of a product, and instead make an emotional connection with your market to become a brand?

And if you really want succeed in today’s market place and become a legacy brand, your Company needs to find a way to connect with its customers like Club Med has. You need to employ passionate, enthusiastic people to share your company’s message (compared to sell), and it needs consistent branding so you carve out your niche and visibly stand out from the masses.

I challenge you to give some thought over the holiday break to how your company can create an emotional experience for your target customer. And it should be one that your customer raves about and longs for, even after they change their clothes.

beja, beja!










ps — a big thank you to Flavia, Mourad, Chef Shek, Chochu, Mimi and the rest of the Ixtapa GO team. We love you and can’t wait to see you again!

pss – to check out the resort, click on the You Tube videos below — make sure to turn on your speakers!

( Dana – do you see Marcelo?  Make sure to show the kids!)

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One Response to “What Your Brand Can Learn From My Club Med Ixtapa Vacation”

  1. Staci, you have completely hit the nail on the head and so many companies could can benefit from Club Med’s marketing and branding strategies. Something unique about Club Med as well is how they have adapted over the years and have stayed in tune with their customers to change their philosophy and experience to remain relevant in the market. Most importantly however are the amazing people you meet and keep as friends for many years…missing you guys already. Love your blog, you are amazing.

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