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Are You Ready to Win? Nicki Minaj and Rihanna Show Us How

Y’all know how strongly I believe Fashion and Music are connected.  Like fashion, music helps us express ourselves and provides with creative inspiration as well as motivation.  I know what a struggle these last few days of Holiday shipping can be and understand the stress and pressure you are under.  Keep pushing….you are almost there.  [...]

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How to Live Out Your Dreams: More Lessons from Eminem

First take a deep breath.  I know the business of fashion is hard and September is a crazy month. Now, say this with me: We’re all right where we should be.  Now, this doesn’t mean that you have achieved your full potential, can’t rise higher or are even stuck. Bruno Mars, along with Eminem uses [...]

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What Pitbull’s Determination Teaches Your Fashion Brand

In fashion, mood boards are common to help define a line or a season.  For me, I draw inspiration from music and see many parallels between music artists and fashion companies.  Take Pitbull for example.  The son of Cuban immigrants, Pitbull had a challenging childhood in America.  Today, he is a multi-national brand.  Not only [...]

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