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Fashion Law – it’s a #Movement

Happy all saints day everyone!  Guess where I am going?                     Yup you guessed it….RIO!  (Was the picture a good hint?) On November 30, 2012, Fashion Law 2012 Brazil will take place in Rio and the event organizers have invited me to participate in the conference.  [...]

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What Your Brand Can Learn From My Club Med Ixtapa Vacation

My family and I just return from a Club Med vacation in Ixtapa, Mexico [facebook pics]. We are huge fans of the resort, and the company. Club Med is a successfully international brand because it has shown an uncanny ability to change with the times and stay relevant, without losing its identity or true essence.  [...]

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Louboutin Seeing Red

Good morning everyone!  I was so fortunate to be interviewed by CBS’s The Early Show on my thoughts on the Judge’s denial of Louboutin’s request for a preliminary injunction against YSL.  While not shown on the clip below, the judge made the right call.   Want to know why? Stay tuned for the rest of [...]

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