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Conquer the Giant: Lessons from Justin Bieber and Eminem

Justin Bieber is big in my house:  my 4 year old daughter loves his music and my 5 (almost 6) year old son loves it too.  Their favorite song is “Never Say Never.”  I thought this was because it was from the Karate Kid and they are obsessed with Drai aka Jaden Smith.   But turns […]

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#thejuggle: How Life is Like Salt Water Taffy

Do you ever feel pulled in fifteen directions at one time?  I do.  Constantly. Just today, for example, I simultaneously had a conversation with my son about what new Angry Bird games he wants, practiced ballet with my daughter, cooked father’s day brunch for the family and was still trying to close that record deal. […]

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The “Avatar” Story

OKAY!  So in response to all your emails and inquries, here is the “Avatar” story, told in tweets, I mentioned last week: You will not believe my morning. I wake up after 5 hour sleep #thejuggle My son says, look mommy, we’re from avatar!   #thejuggle ……Yup, you guessed it. He painted both his sisters face with blue […]

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