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More Propaganda from Professor Scafidi on the Destruction of Affordable Fashion Bill on Bloomberg Law

Just breath, I tell myself and try (very hard) not to get frustrated over this major fashion faux paux. I REALLY wanted to post on LMAFO’s new song “Sexy and I Know It,” but, alas, I feel compelled to respond to Bloomberg Law’s interview of Professor Susan Scafidi on IDPPPA, or the Destruction of Affordable Fashion […]

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What is Fake Fashion?

Answer: everyone seems to have their own definition. Which is exactly why I think the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s (“CFDA”) “You Can’t Fake Fashion” campaign is inherently misleading.  Steven Kolb, CFDA Executive Director stated that the purpose of the campaign is to “educate consumers on the dangers of counterfeits and emphasize the importance of […]

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Destruction of Affordable Fashion Bill Gets a Hearing Date!

Or so WWD reports this morning. Allegedly, “industry sources” have advised WWD that the House Judiciary subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition and the Internet has scheduled a hearing on a new bill based on the Innovative Design Protection and Piracy Prevention Act (“IDPPPA”) or the Destruction of Affordable Fashion Bill, as I call it. Last time […]

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